Buy a home in Silicon Valley Imagine buying your dream home. Let our experienced staff help you make it happen.

    Getting your first home in San Jose  is a thrilling prospect. The wonderful developments, neighborhoods, and nearby cities like Blossom Valley, Willow Glen, Cambrian Park and more are inviting and give you access to wonderful places to work and live. With this excitement many first time buyers make the tragic mistake of reaching out to a real estate agent first and letting them guide you through an antiquated process.

    A small amount of research and connecting with a great loan officer can save you thousands on your home purchase.

    Although there are many great real estate agents out there, too many of them don’t have a process that is friendly to the consumer. Sadly most real estate professionals haven’t taken the time to learn enough about first time buyer programs or even learn enough about the neighborhoods they are helping people to move into.

    As a first time buyer we want you to take advantage of the lessons we have learned the hard way.

    Taking just a small amount of time to discover more about the benefits of being a first time buyer will help to make the process more fun and financially rewarding. Consider the following tips as a first time buyer:

    • First Time Buyer Loans – There are first time buyer loans available specifically to those purchasing their first properties. This can vary from programs like FHA and others. Some programs offer down payment assistance while others carry below market interest to help make the process of buying that first home easier. Take the time to make sure a lender can walk you through all of your loan options as a first time buyer so you can discuss which loans will help you the most. (Hint: If they say you don’t qualify for any first time buyer programs, make sure they show you the loan requirements for the program and point out specifically what prevents you from qualifying.)
    • Save Money On Your Purchase – Buying your first home is tough, because it can be difficult to save money for a down payment and closing costs. To make the purchase of your first home in San Jose County easier consider using a real estate service that offers you something different. This means that you get to do some of the fun work yourself (like looking online for homes). Don’t try to “negotiate” with a traditional real estate agent, look for a service that makes your life easy.

    Following just the two steps above as you venture into your first purchase of a home in San Jose will save you thousands of dollars and you will still get the home that you really want! To help you with step number two, we would like to invite you to discover more about our Buyer Programs.


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